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Multi-Method Simulation Modeling

The only simulation tool that supports Discrete Event, Agent Based & System Dynamics Simulation

AnyLogic, is the standard in multimethod modeling technology, delivering increased efficiency and less risk when tackling complex business challenges.
The unmatched flexibility found in AnyLogic allows users to capture the complexity of virtually any system, at any level of detail, and gain a deeper insight into the interdependent processes inside and around an organization.

We enjoy developing best in class technologies to help our customers solve the business problems they are facing. AnyLogic software is utilized world-wide in thousands of commercial organizations and academic institutions, and in over 40% of Fortune 100 companies.

AnyLogic simulation software is used in these industries:

  • Warehouse Operations- layout design, picking optimization, staffing policies and more...

  • Supply Chain- Supply Chains design, policy evaluation, risk assessment and more...

  • Transportation- logistics planning, fleet management, risk analysis and more...

  • Manufacturing- production planning, process improvement, layout optimization and more...

  • Aero defense- Maintenance scheduling, operation planning, supply chains & logistics and more…  

  • Healthcare- facility design, process improvement, policy evaluation and more...

  • Road Traffic- road planning, Throughput analysis, network Optimization and more...

  • Business Process- Operational efficiency, Cost reduction, bottleneck analysis

  • pedestrian crowd management- Manage, control and optimize your crowd.

  • ports & terminals- container & bulk, resource mgmt, risk assessment and more…

  • Rail logistics- Network design, schedule optimization, policy testing and more…

  • Oil & gas-Operations planning, storage management, oil transfer and more…

What is Anylogic?

AnyLogic GUI

Methods in simulation modeling

System Dynamics  
Jay Forrester ’50s
Stocks, flows -Interacting feedback loops

Architecture of an AnyLogic model

Application areas

A multi-method simulation tool

Discrete event modeling

Agents and resources. Flowchart diagram - Queues and delays

Agent based modeling

focus on individual objects & describe their local behavior, local rules. Sometimes also the dynamics of the environment

Business graphics

Animation and visualization

•2D and 3D animation -Available on-the-fly

•Charts, graphs, histograms -Powerful dynamic data visualization

•Interactive models -Use buttons, sliders, text inputs

•Virtual and real time execution

3D Animation

2D Animation

Visual languages of AnyLogic

Scripting language in AnyLogic is native Java

AnyLogic GUI

•You can use Java to define data structures, actions, conditions, decision rules when it does not make sense to use graphics

•You can also use Java to communicate with external programs

•All AnyLogic objects have “extension points” – text boxes where you can insert fragments of Java code

•All AnyLogic objects have Java API

AnyLogic Demo: Linking Maps and Simulation

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