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why dds suits iot?

The  DDS middleware sthelps users reliably and securely harness ever-increasing amounts of device- generated data while processing the data in real-time, and acting on events as quickly as they occur. As a result, it enables smarter decisions, new services, additional revenue streams, and reduced costs. The DDS middleware standard can also simplify the development, deployment, and management of IoT applications, speeding time-to-market. It provides:


  • Ease of Integration: The data-centric approach used by DDS allows the definition of common and extensible data models for seamless Information Technology (IT) / Operational Technology (OT) interoperability. Its loose and anonymous data-sharing abstraction completely hides connectivity and topology details from applications.

  • Performance Efficiency and Scalability: DDS implementations can achieve point-to-point latencies that are as low as 30 µsec. and throughput of several million messages per second. It uses a very efficient wire protocol, content- and time-based filtering. When properly architected, DDS-based systems can achieve near-linear scalability.



  • Advanced Security: The DDS Security Specification defines a comprehensive Security Model and Service Plugin Interface (SPI) architecture for compliant DDS implementations. DDS provides standardized authentication, encryption, access control and logging capabilities to enable secure data connectivity end-to-end in an IoT system.

  • Open Standard: The DDS middleware specification is a mature, proven standard open to participation by both vendors and users. It enables end-to-end vendor interoperability and eases IoT system development and integration through fully open, future-proof APIs with no vendor lock -n.

  • QoS-Enabled: A rich set of QoS policies allows DDS to control of all aspects of data distribution, such as timeliness, traffic prioritization, reliability and resource usage.

  • Scalable Discovery: For large-scale dynamic systems, DDS offers automatic discovery that provides plug-and-play functionality to simplify system integration and orchestration.

  • Applicability: DDS can transparently address peer-to-peer, device-to-device, device-to-cloud, and cloud-to-cloud communication. Implementations are available for embedded, mobile, web, enterprise and cloud applications.

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