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?What is AnyLogic
Anylogic is the leading simulation modeling software for business applications' utilized worldwide by
over 40% of fortune 100 companies. Anylogic simulation models enable analysts, engineers, and managers to gain deeper insights and optimize complex systems
and processes across a wide range of industries

AnyLogic simulation of  warehouse
The Most Extensive & Detailed Warehouse Simulation implementations: 
ASRS , Robots , AMRs/AGVs , High-Bays , Mixed-Pallets, Tunnel-Picking , Pick-By-Light / Item / Order , Lifts / Conveyors , ...
צפו בסרטון המציג מודל סימולציה שנעשה בתוכנת אנילוג'יק עבור מחסן לוגיסטי גדול 

AnyLogic simulation software is used in these industries:

Warehouse Operations

layout design, picking optimization, staffing policies and more...



logistics planning,

fleet management,

risk analysis and more...

Supply Chain

supply chains design ,policy evaluation ,risk assessment and more...


production planning, process improvement, layout optimization and more...

Pedestrian Crowd Management

Manage, control and optimize your crowd.

Ports & Terminals

container & bulk resource mgmt,
risk assessment and more…

Oil & Gas

Operations planning storage management oil transfer and more…

Aero defense

Maintenance scheduling, operation planning, supply chains & logistics and more…  

Rail Logistics

Network design schedule optimization policy testing and more…


facility design,

process improvement,

policy evaluation

and more...

Road Traffic

Road planning

Throughput analysis

network Optimization

and more...

Business Process


Operational efficiency

Cost reduction

bottleneck analysis
and more...


We completely redesigned our software, moved to client-server technology, created Mac and Linux version and many other improvements. 

New look and feel

  • New completely redesigned user interface.

  • New welcome screen.

  • Full screen mode added for table editor, map, and dashboard.

  • New network Structure.

  • New Scenarios ribbon: drag a tile to reorder scenarios, scroll to find the required scenario.

  • Close scenario to remove it from the ribbon.

  • Table editor with infinity values.

  • Validation: additional scenario data error indication (in table cells).

  • New statistics visualization methods.

  • Improved experience when working with the dashboard elements (adding, resizing, reordering, settings up charts).

  • The Result options table (previously Optimization results) is now outside of the statistics dashboard. No need to switch between the pages to analyze the data.

  • Experiment status indicators.

Application, data processing and storing

  • Client-server architecture.

  • Better processing huge amount of data.

  • AnyLogic 8.8.2 engine support.

  • PostgreSQL built-in database as internal DB for anyLogistix.

  • All projects are now stored in one internal database.

AnyLogistix 3.0 was released April, 24, 2023

TCW Warehouse Library 1.1.0.PNG

צפו בפרויקט מצטיין שנעשה ע"י סטודנטים ב AnyLogic על תשתית לרשת תחנות טעינה לרכבים חשמליים.

דברי המרצה: "תוכנה מאוד שמישה, עמדה ביעדים שהוצבו לה. לתוכנה פונקציות רבות ונדרש זמן להעמיק בהן. הסטודנטים קיבלו לווי ותמיכה מלאה מתכן-וור."