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?What is AnyLogic
Anylogic is the leading simulation modeling software for business applications' utilized worldwide by
over 40% of fortune 100 companies. Anylogic simulation models enable analysts, engineers, and managers to gain deeper insights and optimize complex systems
and processes across a wide range of industries

AnyLogic simulation of  warehouse
The Most Extensive & Detailed Warehouse Simulation implementations: 
ASRS , Robots , AMRs/AGVs , High-Bays , Mixed-Pallets, Tunnel-Picking , Pick-By-Light / Item / Order , Lifts / Conveyors , ...
צפו בסרטון המציג מודל סימולציה שנעשה בתוכנת אנילוג'יק עבור מחסן לוגיסטי גדול 

AnyLogic simulation software is used in these industries:

Warehouse Operations

layout design, picking optimization, staffing policies and more...



logistics planning,

fleet management,

risk analysis and more...

Supply Chain

supply chains design ,policy evaluation ,risk assessment and more...


production planning, process improvement, layout optimization and more...

Pedestrian Crowd Management

Manage, control and optimize your crowd.

Ports & Terminals

container & bulk resource mgmt,
risk assessment and more…

Oil & Gas

Operations planning storage management oil transfer and more…

Aero defense

Maintenance scheduling, operation planning, supply chains & logistics and more…  

Rail Logistics

Network design schedule optimization policy testing and more…


facility design,

process improvement,

policy evaluation

and more...

Road Traffic

Road planning

Throughput analysis

network Optimization

and more...

Business Process


Operational efficiency

Cost reduction

bottleneck analysis
and more...


What is AnyLogistix?

anyLogistix is our supply chain software solution. It combines dynamic simulation and analytical optimization to provide advanced supply chain decision support in an easy-to-use application. 

What is new in the latest update?

  • Multi-user support for ALX Professional Server for collaborate work and share server resources.

  • New user types added for Professional Server version:

  •     Admin role (with personal panel and server settings) to manage users, projects, processes and licenses.

  •     Project owner with full access to the project.

  •     Project guest with limited access to the project.

  •  And much more!

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10, x64

  • Apple macOS 13, x64

AnyLogistix 3.1.0 was released. (November 2, 2023)

TCW Warehouse Library 1.1.0.PNG

צפו בפרויקט מצטיין שנעשה ע"י סטודנטים ב AnyLogic על תשתית לרשת תחנות טעינה לרכבים חשמליים.

דברי המרצה: "תוכנה מאוד שמישה, עמדה ביעדים שהוצבו לה. לתוכנה פונקציות רבות ונדרש זמן להעמיק בהן. הסטודנטים קיבלו לווי ותמיכה מלאה מתכן-וור."


סימולצית שינוע Monorail במחלבת תנובה

הסימולציה בוצעה על ידי צוות סטודנטים מהטכניון בהובלה של פרופ' ידיד ציון. הפרוייקט זכה במקום ראשון בתחרות היזמות של משרד הכלכלה ב - 2016.

A digital twin based on dynamic simulation

צילום מסך 2022-01-05 114246.jpg

Deep Reinforcement Learning with AnyLogic & Microsoft Project Bonsai

Microsoft Project Bonsai enables subject matter experts, even those with no AI background, to utilize their expertise to teach AI agents and solve real-world business problems. Here are our webinar recording and accompanying resources that introduce the key concepts and workflow for using Project Bonsai and AnyLogic simulation together.

The webinar follows AnyLogic and Microsoft joining forces to bring deep reinforcement learning and machine teaching to business applications. David Coe, principal program manager in the Microsoft Project Bonsai team and AnyLogic AI Program Lead, Arash Mahdavi, demonstrate the end-to-end workflow for training AI using simulation and for implementing AI control in a simulation.

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