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Virtual Construction 4D Simulation

DELMIA’s Virtual Construction 4D Simulation solution for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry enables contractors to optimize building and real estate construction time by validating their project schedule with 4D simulation.


DELMIA’s Architecture, Engineering & Construction Virtual Construction 4D Simulation solution revolutionizes the understanding, communication and analysis of dynamic time-space information about critical aspects of a construction project’s phase and lifecycle.

This solution enables 4D planning, simulation and validation of schedules for construction projects to reduce risk and maximize efficiency. Whether the project is a high rise tower or a new bridge construction, companies can plan scheduled activities in detail and avoid the unforeseen problems that can result in expensive rework and schedule delays. In addition, worker tasks and construction simulations can be performed to reduce the risk of health and safety incidents, identify potential work-related injuries and evaluate systems and materials for the major project elements.

• How to strategize major construction sequences, risks, cost implications, temporary and permanent access and utilities?
• How to clarify issues and constraints for the project designers and public agencies?
• How to optimize the overall economics of the project?
• How to optimize the project schedule and
workforce requirements?
• How to minimize project risk by avoiding unforeseen issues that result in expensive rework and delay?
• How to ensure the health, safety and comfort of workers in construction environments?
• How to mitigate risks to new and inexperienced workers and contractors working together on critical tasks?
• How to understand the ripple effects of construction method decisions and the timing of these decisions on the project goals?

• Plan scheduled activities in a 4D environment by linking the schedule to 3D models for validation
• Activity sequencing for design, materials, construction methods, site conditions
• Simulate systems and materials for the major project elements (foundations, structural system, exterior skin, interiors, etc.) and construction methods, including clash and clearance
• Define kinematics and simulate critical operations for cranes, material handling devices & Human Task

  Simulation for Health & Safety studies

• Gain visibility to control cost by simulating construction activities to identify risk, increase safety, and optimize the deployment of resources
• Optimize equipment and labor costs by simulating complex activities in congested areas
• Plan, visualize, and simulate construction tasks with models and data from one aggregated model that represents a Single 3D Version of The Truth
• Capture and re-use knowledge and best practices to minimize re-work and waste

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