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 Version 3.1.0 was Released!

  • New user types added for Professional Server version:

    • Admin role (with personal panel and server settings) to manage users, projects, processes and licenses.

    • Project owner with full access to the project.

    • Project guest with limited access to the project.

  • Updated built-in AL engine to 8.8.4.

  • Ability to export the multi-run results table to excel.

About anyLogistix


anyLogistix is the only multi-method software for supply chain network design, analysis, and optimization.

anyLogistix combines traditional analytical optimization approaches together with innovative simulation technologies offering 3 powerful methods that coincide to describe your supply chain with a greater level of detail. This approach empowers you with the tools for a more comprehensive analysis to give you a competitive edge with your supply chain optimization.

anyLogistix simulation technology is powered by AnyLogic,  the industry leading multi-method modeling software that is the corporate standard for simulation and modeling.

anyLogistix Technology: How It Works?

The core of anyLogistix is the use of multi-method technology :
the powerful alliance of ananytical and simulation-based modeling methods each best suitable for a particular task.

anyLogistix provides you with a toolkit to choose the right instruments for any supply chain problem you may face.

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