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AnyLogic-Road Traffic

This model demonstrates how to change traffic light phases duration.

There are three intersections in the road network. Each of them is controlled with a traffic light.


In this model we simulate the arrival of cars to a gas station.

Each car has a source and destination, as it travels to destination it has a chance of having to stop to refuel. The driver can choose between several gas stations.
By default, the driver will choose the nearest gas station. Imagine that the driver has information provided by sensors at each gas station and knows how many people are in each station and how long it will take, this allows him or her to make a better decision whether going to the nearest station or the optimal.
Maybe going to the nearest station is not the best desition as it can happen that waiting time at the nearest station is lager than traveling + refueling gas at a further gas station .
The model allows you to play with these two scenarios,
one with routing to the nearest station and another with routing to the most optimal station.
You can also play with how many pumps are open in each season, with the demand and many more parameters.


This is a Road Traffic Library demo model.

Cars and buses are coming from four directions to the roundabout at constant rates. Some cars go to the parking area.
Vehicles cross intersections and change lanes according to traffic laws.


Crossroad model with cars and pedestrians

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