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About DDS

Benefits of the DDS approach

Simple & Powerful Data-Centric Pub-Sub Model

  •   Reduces Risk and Development/Integration Time

  •  Enhances effective performance by delivering the right data to the right place with the right QoS

  •  Standards-based: API and Protocol

1. Unsurpassed Performance and Scalability

Priority-aware no choke-points architecture

2. Builds higher quality systems and lowers TCO

Built-in high-value capabilities

Handles Availability & other “hard problems”

Easy to maintain and Evolve

Leverage multicore

  • DDS Interoperable Wire Protocol uses UDP

  • Low overhead, Unreliable protocol

  • DDS allows application to choose RELIABLE or BEST EFFORT communications

  • RELIABLE setting adds hand shaking and retransmission functions to guarantee data delivery

  • BEST EFFORT setting uses default UDP protocol: no guarantee of data delivery

  • Retransmission of data is dependent on additional QoS settings

  • History Depth must be adequate to save samples that may need to be retransmitted

  • Resource Limits may be applied to force the Publishing application to block until the Subscribing application can handle additional data 

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