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AnyLogic Cloud - web service for applying simulation operationally

AnyLogic Cloud is a secure web platform for running simulation models. Use rich cloud-based experimentation capabilities, collaborate when developing and executing models, and deliver simulation results instantly, online. All for more efficient applied simulation at your organization's operational level.

Many of you will be familiar with AnyLogic Cloud and its interface but did you know you can create an interface of your own? Using the AnyLogic Cloud API, a custom web-based user interface (UI) is just one possibility. Here we’ll take a closer look and provide you with an example setup.

With the API, it is possible to create a web application that will interact directly with a model in the AnyLogic Cloud. You can develop your own customized HTML-interface that matches the needs of a model and its users. For example, an interface can include model control widgets, input and output tables, diagrams, and pop-up windows.

The API also allows you to easily upload simulation results, integrate simulation models with Business Intelligence (BI) platforms, such as Tableau or Power BI, as well as other business tools. You can even embed models into corporate intranet sites. With regards to security, the API enables authorization windows to restrict application access. Don’t forget, with AnyLogic Private Cloud you can host your own AnyLogic Cloud platform.

We have developed an example application that uses the API. It integrates the Transporters moving in free space model. From a browser window, you can set conveyor station input parameters, as well as the type, number and speed of the conveyors. There are two experiments available in the application: a simple experiment (Animation) and parameter variation (Parameter Variation). When you run the model, you can change parameter values and keep an eye on the effects of your changes with the built-in animation window. For ease of use, results are uploaded to a CSV file.























So that you can get more hands-on and independently analyze this example or even create a web application for your model, the source files for this example application are available for download.


How to create a web-based simulation model

Turn your model into an operational tool

Transform your simulation model into a decision-support platform for day-to-day operations. Store models in the Cloud and connect them with operational data, setup experiments, allow end-users to access them and leverage simulation insights without delay. AnyLogic Cloud simplifies the integration of models into operational workflows and eases the creation of digital twins.


Turn your model into an operational tool

Share models with your customers in a ready-to-use cloud environment, no software roll-out needed. AnyLogic Cloud streamlines the update process, simplifies management, and ensures a common user experience.


Multi-user access to your model

Share and collaborate on a model using the Cloud. Invite your colleagues or clients to run a model remotely, manage user roles and access rights. They can benefit from customizable interactive dashboards, web-based animation, and a shared results database.

Better scenario management


In the Cloud, store, organize, and edit experiments and scenario data – including model versions, run parameters, and simulation results. Leverage a range of experiments, including Parameter Variation and Monte Carlo. The Cloud scenario comparison option helps visualize results from different experiments to better highlight key metrics.


High-performance computing capabilities

With AnyLogic Cloud, perform complex multi-run experiments faster and more efficiently than on a regular computer. Being scalable by design, AnyLogic Cloud can rapidly respond to meet computing demands and execute experiments on multiple nodes and cores.
All experiments with their inputs and results are stored in the Cloud. The results can be instantly retrieved, if an experiment uses the same inputs, helping save computing resources.

Customizable dashboards for advanced analytics

In the cloud platform you will find advanced charts and graphs like box plot, scatter plot, or surface plot. Create dashboards using intuitive drag-and-drop style and configure them to suit your end users.


Create online simulation-based solutions

AnyLogic Cloud is a ready-to-use environment for creating products based on simulation. Create your own SaaS with a custom look and feel, visualization elements, embedded model animation, and connection to cloud-based models through the Cloud API.

Accelerate machine learning

AnyLogic is the general-purpose simulation tool for creating dynamic environments to train and test AI solutions. To easier implement deep reinforcement learning capabilities in your model,


Upload your model to AnyLogic Cloud and connect it with a machine learning platform using Python, Java, or JS RESTful APIs. Cloud-based models leverage powerful cloud computing, which helps neural networks learn faster and more efficiently.

Distributed simulation

To faster run a complex and resource-intensive model, partition it into multiple smaller models and upload them to the AnyLogic Cloud. Cloud-based models can synchronize and exchange data with the help of JS, Java, or Python APIs and use the cloud’s computational resources for faster execution.

AnyLogic Cloud - web service for applying simulation operationally

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