AnyLogic-Material handling​


spiral conveyor in AnyLogic, with guidance on layout, process logic, and 3D refinements.


Material Handling Library (MHL)

The Material Handling Library is a major part of AnyLogic. AnyLogic exhibits even more capabilities and features to simplifies the simulation of complex manufacturing systems and operations. It can be used to design detailed models of production and storage facilities and manage material workflows inside four walls. The digital factory model, created with the material handling simulation toolkit, can help test and optimize production, transportation, and inventory policies,
as well as reduce possible errors and material flow delays on the factory floor.

In conveyor network models, created with the Material Handling Library, users can use default or set up custom routing strategies for material items, industrial robots, manufacturing machines, and operators. Simulated AGVs and other transporters automatically avoid collisions, detect possible deadlocks, and resolve them.


New ‘Crane’ in the MHL
a new space markup element — the Crane.


It allows factory jib cranes, tower cranes (ex. construction sites), loading/unloading operations as robots. Use with the new MoveByCrane block to move objects around and between conveyor networks.


Solar Panel Production Model

This ‘how to’ model example explores how to get started with the library - look at the processes and elements on a solar panel production line.


AGVs and transporters in MHL

transporters are other ways to move goods aside from conveyors. These include forklifts, as well as robotic and mechanical carts – automated guided vehicles (AGV).


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