Material Flow Simulation

What is Material Flow Simulation?

- A complete 3D digital environment for Material Flow Simulation and analysis

- Used to analyze:

  •  3D layout and material handling systems

  • ottleneck identification and corrective actions

  • Labor requirements or resource requirements

  • Throughput of the production system

  • Productivity and utilizations

  • Inventory and WIP


- Create a production system that includes products, resources, and product flows

- Customize by defining specific resource behavior

-Simulate realistically at different levels of detail

- Analyze by displaying simulation statistics and resource reports during simulation

- Edit its components to optimize its performance

When Should You Simulate?

- Simulate when you’re designing a new facility or system

- Simulate when you’re adding new equipment or adjusting line rates.

- Simulate throughout the life of the facility for continuous improvement

- Simulate to support capital investment

Solution Benefits

- Validate Process Flow

- Throughput Improvement

- Validate Production Scheduling

- Validate Material Flow Plan

- Justify Investment in New Equipment

- Improved Communication of Proposed Changes

- Optimize Space Utilization

- Optimize Labor Allocation

- Maximize Equipment Utilization

- Reduce Inventory

- Minimize Work In Process (WIP)

- Verify Capacity Planning

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