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Healthcare services are being redesigned and improved in terms of reducing waste, enhancing the patient experience and contributing to population health. Models linked with data about individual patients and particular services are being used to improve clinical decisions by health professionals, engaging patients and their carers in self-management, and tailoring treatment approaches to individuals based on their genetics, body system physiology, psychology and social networks. Modelling and simulation are also used at the policy and program level to evaluate the cost effectiveness of mixtures of interventions, not only in testing and treatment, but also in health promotion and risk prevention. An important aspect is to understand the different results of programs in different contexts, 

especially in terms of social determinants of health and changes in health disparities and inequities. The challenges of organizing health and social systems to improve wellbeing, healthcare value and accessibility require multiple ways of abstracting problem situations at the aggregate and individual level, including process and agent interaction events, and understanding feedbacks and network structures. AnyLogic can combine theory and data in simulation models which can test interventions in different virtual experiment scenarios to assess their suitability for a particular country, region, organization, service or target group.

Emergency Department example

A simplistic model of an Emergency Department designed primarily to demonstrate the usage of network markup elements in conjunction with Process Modeling Library. Specific markup shapes such as nodes and paths are used to define facility layout. There are three types of resources in Emergency Department: staff (nurses, PAs and technicians), static resources (triage rooms, express care rooms, X-ray room) and portable (ultra sound device). The process includes registration, triage, and either X-ray or U-sound examination. Technicians have their own sub-process to prepare for the U-sound examination and wrap-up afterwards. The resource utilization and patients’ length of stay statistics are collected. You can control the resource capacities on-the-fly and see their impact on utilization and LOS. 

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