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new! reqtify 2018



Dassault Systemes have announced the availability of a new version of Reqtify.

Reqtify is an interactive requirement traceability and impact analysis tool which can trace requirements from system, programme and project levels to the entire levels of your software or hardware component development lifecycle.


Reqtify can interface with requirement-related information in a wide variety of data formats, document types and file formats.

New Features Available: 

  • Reporting Post Edition: You can mark text as editable. In this case, an HTML page appears in your navigator to enable the modification of this text before the final generation.

  • Windows Interaction: In Windows Explorer, if the preview pane is turned on, an .rqtfimage file project traceability graph is

  • displayed when you select an .rgtfimage file.

New Interfaces Available: 

  • Code Java: A Java connector is now available to analyse the directories of Java source files.

  • Microsoft OneDrive: A new OneDrive access connector is available to analyse Microsoft Office 365 documents.

  • Bentley ProjectWise: Reqtify is able to access files and manage Reqtify projects located in the ProjectWise data sources. After integrating Reqtify as a ProjectWise Explorer tool, the Reqtify project and its associated files (.types, .filters, .br) are associated with ProjectWise within a logical set.

  • ETAS ASCET: Reqtify is now able to analyse the ASCET components content and show the links to high-level requirements. Diagrams can also be captured as image.

  • logi.cals logi.CAD: Reqtify can analyse logi.CAD projects and extract traceability links from object properties

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